March 2, 2017

Mission Control

A year ago we talked about changing up our brown and teal bathroom.  Not sure what to change it to we started with a new shower curtain.  
From there we decided to go with Mission Control grey for the walls and white towels to accent.

We repainted the ceiling, walls and trim.  A process but in the grand scheme of changing things it was pretty basic.  But what a wonderful change it was.
This picture is hard since the light of the window darkened everything, but it is fresh new look.  Feels good!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! I am hooked on gray walls and white trim at the moment... with some gray/green, gray/blue variations. It's a kind of trendy neutral, I guess... but it really does look good! Nice work! :)


Mother said...

It does look really nice. Although the picture was poor, think how citing to have sunlight coming thru that window!


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