March 21, 2017

Family Stories

Every family has their stories.  That time the kids were left somewhere, or someone hurt that person, or the school project that went wrong.  Regardless of the topic, those stories are woven into the family and told and retold over and over to friends, future spouses, and to each other.  

Last week we got to add one of those classic stories to this generation of our family.

Ethan and Abigail went outside to play.  Two minutes later Josh and I were getting our gear on ourselves and Naomi when Abigail came running back inside covered in blood and screaming.  It seems that Ethan was swinging a stick and smashed her in the face and her tooth had been completely knocked out.  Fat lip, covered in blood and screaming we didn't get the full story but went into response mode.  

All was cleaned up, the tooth was found from the snow in the driveway, talk of the tooth fairy coming that night was encouraging and inspection of the now other loose teeth in her mouth were noted.  The next day the other top front tooth that was 80% knocked out was removed and in the course of one day my little girl went to a big girl singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."
As days pass more has been added to the story.  How maybe Abigail wasn't so innocent in the whole deal as it appeared initially.  But as family stories go the details will get fuzzy and blurred overtime.  The one thing that will remain will be the conversation starter, "remember that time that Ethan smashed Abigail in the face with a huge stick and knocked out her front teeth."  Oh, yeah, family stories are unique to each of family but then that is what makes us all special.

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Mother said...

It's an awful, horrible and violent story. I can't even imagine being hit in my mouth with a stick and causing my teeth to be knocked out. It hurts my face to think of it.

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