March 28, 2017


Abigail and her search to understand wild rabbits went on to district this past week.  Due to my migraine Josh, Ethan and Naomi were with Abigail instead of me.  It worked out well since I was the one that got to enjoy the first fair with her earlier this month.  The district fair was huge with a couple hundred projects on display.  Abigail's project was the third one in from the door, a perfect spot for easy access and viewing.
When she came home that night I asked how her talk with the judge went and she said, "Mama, I rocked it."  Last November when I considered having Abigail start into this project my biggest concern is that she is shy when talking to strangers and is asked questions.  I see now that having her pick a topic she loved and having her invest so much of her time and effort into the project gave her the courage and confidence to share her project with others.  She received first place once again but regardless of the color of her ribbon Josh and I are so proud.  Hard work is never something that disappoints!

**On a side note, anyone else so happy with a judge who gets down on a student's level to ask questions.  Thank you to this lady I never met but will always be thankful for.  Your interest in what my daughter loved has made a difference!** 

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