March 8, 2017

Alaskan Winters

Something about being at a cabin in the woods.  The feeling of just being part of the world.  No forecasts could be checked for weather.  We just took what we could with what we got each day we were out there!
 Which, lucky for us, meant a lot of clear nights and AMAZING northern lights.  Amazing!  We got the kids up and out of their sleeping bags to enjoy it one of the nights.  Someday they will thank us; last week they just fussed at the cold.  But how breath taking the dance was.  How I wish I could take better pictures.
 And after those starry nights with almost no moon, we were greeted by clear and sunny days.
 No matter the amount of sunshine, the days don't really warm up.  Cold weather kept us in most of each day but not ALL day.  Sledding, adventures looking for animal tracks, finding wood to harvest the ever hungry wood stove, and the longing for crisp and fresh air took us outside.
 Bubbles were a perfect activity since the temperatures were cold enough to freeze the bubbles whenever the kids tried to touch them.  No matter how long I would blow bubbles for the kids it never got old.  
Cold days at the cabin were certainly a mark on this year's trip.  Last year at the same cabin just two weeks later in March and we had 40 degree days and a fear that there wouldn't be enough snow to run the snow machine out with our gear.  This year the snow is more than abundant and our fear was that the snow machine wouldn't start because the temperatures the morning we woke up to leave was -45.  Lucky for us the temp warmed up to -36 as we headed out but those cold temps weren't so good for the car and truck at the trailhead.  The kids and I stayed in the warm cabin while Josh took the first load of gear out to the truck and to check on the vehicles.  He then took the snow machine down the road to a lodge were he found an old and disgruntled man to come jump both of our vehicles.  With them both finally running Josh came back for the kids and me.  No walking the 3.2 miles out at these temps.  We loaded the kids in tons of snow gear and blankets and rode out on the sled.  A cold trip with the breeze but much faster than little legs.  

Ahh, Alaska's weather - a reminder that it is never something to be taken for granted or predicted.  We have to instead always try and be prepared for just about anything.

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