March 7, 2017

A Step Away

Last week this little family got the chance to step away.   Oh how we love the chances we get to go out to the State of Alaska Public use cabins.
Not quite as luxurious as a hotel would be but much more set apart.  3.2 miles in from the trailhead that was 60 miles from town.  Time set apart from busy lives to connect together.
 I love how bringing the kids to the different cabins this past year have brought them enough memories and experiences that a few loose traditions have developed.  Mama always has new and fun activities to do around the table in the morning while the fire warms up the wood walls and daddy sleeps a little more.  I love seeing the kids in their "cabin" pjs.
 Special (vitamin C) drinks and easy to preheat meals made on the stove.  It seems that soup made at home, frozen and warmed in our dutch oven has become the traditional first night meal.  Perfect for warming little bodies that have trudged in on the cold winter trails.
Window clings, honestly.  If anyone needs a good idea for an one or two day activity this is it.  Ethan loves to rip the gel clings up which is why I save these for just cabin days and don't bother with them at home.  

But mostly the family time.  Reading kids magazines before putting them in the wood box for fire starter.  Coloring together, laughing, telling stories, talking over plans for the future and the most fun - finally coming up with a name all 5 of us agree on for our new baby boy.  Just goes to show that internet searches and time thinking solo doesn't always work.  Sometimes the best answers are found in the quiet of the woods when we have stepped away from the world.

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mother said...

Thanks for the pictures that give us a glimpse into your cozy cabin times.


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