March 6, 2017

2017 Science Fair

Saturday was the big day.
The 2017 Homeschool Science Fair.  We took advantage of it being a Saturday and only Abigail and I headed out in the morning.  Between set up time, then judging time and finally the group presentation, it was going to be a long day.  
After months of deciding on a topic, doing her research, writing out her findings, drawing and coloring her bunny and putting it together we were finally ready.
Her diorama built with Grandma and her rabbit pelt from grandpa added so much to her project.  
She did a great job talking to the judges and explaining all that she learned.  Her project got a first place win (based on three levels of achievement possible) and she was one of the projects chosen to go on to the district science fair in a few weeks.  Going on to district means cleaning up our heavily examined diorama a little and making sure we don't forget our speech but all in all it will be fun for her.  The day on Saturday was so fun for her since it was a chance to show off all of her hard work as well as see the work that her friends have been going through as well.  A great time with friends, learning and growing.


popeye said...

Great job, Abigail.

mother said...

All that good effort paid off for our girl! Nice to see how effort can result in awards and recognition , sometimes. Great encouragement for such a young one.

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