February 17, 2017

Where They Can See It

While Josh worked on the bookshelves this past week the schoolroom supplies were moved out to our living room.
I am a mother that daily deals with the visual part of parenting.  Kids play with what they can see.  Tucking a book, game, activity or toy away in a drawer or cabinet is pretty much the same as taking it out of the house all together.  I feel like I do pretty good at keeping things "out" for the kids, hence the new bookshelves in the room being all open.  But still, rearranging anything (even into a pile in the middle of the living room) makes all of those things "new".
So even though our living room has been 1/2 the size it normally is this past week the kids have been having a lot of fun playing with games.  This I love!

Last night I slowly started putting things back into the schoolroom.  With all this rearranging going on hopefully this weekend will be once again full of "new" things for the kids to rediscover.  Whole new schoolroom reveal will be Monday.  Super excited about this.

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