February 15, 2017

What This Month Means To Me

The month of February is:
days are still dark but slowly lengthening
a time of summer to do lists
seeing the end of our first homeschool year coming into focus
lots of preparations for the science fair
realizing the "fun" days of winter are here, warm and light enough to play outside
getting shocked that if a spring time girls weekend is going to happen plans need to be made now!
And multitasking the teaching of class to fit time in to order my garden seeds.
Abigail was gracious enough to work on her school work while I planned out our 2017 garden and ordered seeds.  Ethan and Naomi put puzzles and gears together at our feet while shouting out what they wanted to be planted and grown in this year's crops.  Spring is just three months away, starting our seeds inside is just next month.  Folks, this winter just very well might have an end to it!

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