February 9, 2017

Sharing A Little Love

This is a glance of our week.  The week before Valentine's day.  A week of cutting paper, stickers, ripping paper, gluing, drawing and surprises of love.   The kids have a valentine card exchange at mooseketeers on Friday.  Being part of an exchange with your siblings doesn't mean you have to just do what they do.  Oh no, each of my kids want to bring their own valentines to exchange.  And it is Mama's idea to keep it a surprise from each other to make the exchange even more exciting.
So this week has also been full of pockets of time to help each child make out their 12 valentines to share on Friday.  So thankful for the internet to have good ideas, craft shelves with the supplies needed to make our creations and the chance to say that as of this morning 1/2 of the valentines are done.  The exchange is tomorrow - time to create messages of love has to be found today!
I am kicking myself for not having my mom do this with the kids when she was here.  I am just not good at this sort of thing, and she is!  But oh the looks on the kids faces when they create their special somethings to give.  Well, there is a reason I keep at this holiday celebration thing.  Happy Valentine preparation days to all the valentine making moms out there.  It is a road we pray our kids will be happy we went down - someday. 

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Mother said...

Your last sentence is the reason we, as mothers, do each and every intentional thing we do. And this is a noble goal. Ethan's shining smile shows that this project is a joy, not a chore. BE MINE!!!!

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