February 21, 2017

Settled In

Last August when we started homeschool I knew that the room where we would work would need to be changed, I just wasn't sure how.  Getting ready for that first day I wanted it to be perfect, organized, decorated and ready. But since I hadn't gone down this road before I just didn't know what we would need.
I am so glad we waited, and that I have a husband who is up for building just about anything I need.
The new bookshelf for the schoolroom stretches the entire length of the room.  The left portion is 6' tall and the lower portion is 8' long.  It helps the room look so great, holds all the school and play items we have (more books are being collected from other parts of the house and brought in each day), and lets the kids have access to all of the things that are "theirs". 
This new shelves are right across the room from the murphy bed and original bookshelves.  These selves were so crammed pack just a few weeks ago and it is fun to have things laid out where we can now see what is where.
Like I mentioned last Friday, learning with kids starts with having things out where they can see it to play with it.  It has been so fun to see just what the kids go for first.  The best part, there is still room for growth.  Homeschooling this little band of students that I have is a new thing for me but one I am so happy to be doing.  We are learning the right way, the necessary tools and the best setting that works for all of us.  How thankful I am for this schoolroom and all the hours we stay in here each day.


Popeye said...

Great learning environment--one good vision and a great pair of carpenter's hands.

Mother said...

Sure looks like an official classroom. Beautiful job. Organized and neat area helps me learn.


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