February 10, 2017

Research - Like You Do

I seem to talk a lot about art, in which I am not that good at, here on the blog.  But lucky for me there is plenty of science to help round us out too.  As I mentioned with the diorama, Abigail is taking part in the Fairbanks Homeschool Science Fair this year.  In finding a topic to research I had to stop myself from pushing all of my "great" ideas on her and instead we zeroed in on what she really likes at the moment.  Her top choice - rabbits.
So with that I have been teaching Abigail a little bit about research.  For kindergarten research, we start with a question.  In her case I had her tell me all the questions she had and we wrote out each one on an index card.  Then off to the library to find books on rabbits.  We then have worked our way through all of those books to answer each and every question she had asked.  (a lot easier way for her to handle all the information the books provide us with)  Thanks to this stack of index cards, and the beautiful diorama already being built, our research is in place to start putting our science fair display board together.  So far the kindergarten quote of the year is, "Daddy and Grandma are better at art but mama, you know how to teach me research."

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mother said...

And you sure are a good researcher--all those years working on your Masters. A right brain dad and left brain mom--what a packed DNA to receive!!


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