February 22, 2017


Sunday night and Monday were tough days on our little girl.  Something got a hold of her and well, nothing would stay down.  But by the end of Monday she had had two otter pops and 4 crackers that stayed in her and her fever was just about gone.  All day her siblings and I would ask her, "Naomi, where is your bucket?" and then we would all search for where she left it.  It is hard to sit still and just lay in bed or on the couch when you are two, thus a mobile bucket was necessary.  We are thankful for all the time we did get her to stay still and that as of Tuesday, the bucket was no longer necessary.
Not sure what took hold of our girl but I am happy no one else has got it and after watching her eat last night, I think we can say she is recovered.

Got to love a picture of a sick 2 year old.  She was amazing.

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