February 24, 2017

How It Works

I took this picture the other day during school.  Made me laugh to see my girl with her favorite stuffed animal, dressed in a super girl cape and mask and all cross-legged and proper in ballet shoes doing her math work.  Joy of letting each day roll with how it needs to go.
Like yesterday when we woke up after a night of this girl of mine throwing up all night, sigh.  It seems that no matter the amount of scrubbing I did, she caught Naomi's bug.  Lucky for us it is just a 12 hr deal with a 24 hr recovery back to normal but still nasty while we are at it.  It is interesting to compare the two girls and their ages, as well as personalities, when they have been sick in the same week.  Really hoping I don't get to add Ethan to this analysis!  

I have also decided that changing sheets several times in a night, in the dark, on a bunk bed and all while pregnant is the worst thing ever!  Here is to good health from here on out!

1 comment:

Mother said...

The nighttime sheet changing of an upper bunk (in the dark, even!) sounded gruesome and soooo tiring. Sorry for little A and sorry fir you.


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