February 7, 2017

Fitting Right In

My niece is an only child.  My sister says that her life back in New Jersey is boring.  A week here with all of our craziness certainly wasn't boring, she always had a show to watch.  We all had so much fun getting to play with her, see her and tell her that she is loved by her Alaskan family.
Being an only child might be a little quieter back home but she has plenty of cousins to keep life busy.  We can't wait for her, and her mama, to come back soon.


Mother said...

What true sayings! This little girl was in awe of the busyness and enthusiasm of her energetic cousins all the time. So much to watch and learn! Best part was her learning how to crawl and stand. Then there was the vigorous waving of the ribbons on a stick and splashing with company in the BIG bathtub. Oh yes, and loving plastic Dora. Her visit was mind expanding to be sure!! Three cheers for cousins!!

Popeye said...

Oh, a family of 5 kids. A school bus is your next ride.


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