February 16, 2017

Custom Fit

A few weeks ago I shared the new shelf that Josh had built for the schoolroom.  
At the time the shelf hadn't been finished and organization was still a little sketchy since we were all waiting for the second half to be built.
But last week Josh had the wood and time so the second shelf was put into shape.  Then came the need to clean out everything from the schoolroom so that the finish would could be completed.  
Josh does such amazing work.  Each shelf was sanded super smooth and then coated with finish to keep the wood safe when faced up against all of the use a band of kids in a schoolroom will put it through.
I am always so amazed at how an idea I have to put a "this" here or there can lead to such reality with Josh's talent.  To give perspective, this new shelving unit is directly opposite the amazing murphy bed/bookshelf in the schoolroom.  The area is being used to its maximum ability.  Oh I just can't wait to find the perfect place for each of our books and supplies.


mother said...

Nice looking shelves. Oooooo, I'll bet you are itching to fill them just the right way!😀

Popeye said...

Great job, Josh

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