February 27, 2017

Checking Off The List

These past two months have been really good ones for the house.  Josh has been home on the weekends, as well as most evenings, and has been ambitious.  The fact is that when summer comes the outdoor chores and project list is long and the house is pushed aside.  Add to that the extra hours of field work Josh has to do and well, winter is the time for inside accomplishments.

I have a bunch to report on and figure this is the week.  For pity sake the bathroom renovation happened in January and I still haven't posted pictures of that yet.  

Once the big project of the schoolroom bookshelves were accomplished Josh had several little items on his to do list.
One was an extra shelf in Abigail's special place.  Some gifts and hand-me-downs for the baby have been coming in and frankly I am not really sure where to put everything.  So by adding an extra shelf to this little closet I now have some storage space and Abigail looses none of her play space.  She did remark that it felt weird the first day but since it has become the new normal.  Making this house work for what we need.  That is how things roll around here!  I love these little changes that help me out.

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Mother said...

What's going to go on that little shelf? I remember using every inch of our AuSable Chasm house. 😉


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