February 2, 2017


When far away family has birthdays in the winter it is a very rare thing to get together to celebrate.  This special trip with my family happened to land the day after my mother's January birthday and we got the chance to decorate and make her first day at our house "Grandma's day."  Lucky for us Grandma had a few meal requests so it was easy to make meals just for her and nothing is more fun then watching someone open the gift you have bought them when they are sitting next to you.
Thank you Grandma for flying all night on the night of your birthday so you could be with us the next day to celebrate.  Birthdays are so much fun.


Anonymous said...

I agree that was very special!!!

Mother said...

Thank YOU, Sweetheart, for making my day so very special. Looking at all of your beautiful, smiling faces was the best gift of all!!! And the Polenta was delicious, as well. It certainly was a birthday to remember, I must say.

Popeye said...

Kathleen, you sure make beautiful children.


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