February 8, 2017

Back To It

Flexibility of homeschool is something I am thankful for.  Thus when company was in town Abigail (and I) had a week of vacation from school, yeah.  But when our family flew south we were back to it. 

Part of learning to read and learning math is then learning out to apply it.  So each week Abigail picks a recipe for us to make.  As I have mentioned this before I would like to point out this post is a little different.  You see last week I put a small restriction on Abigail's cooking lesson.  She could pick a recipe but it couldn't be a dessert.  No our girl needed to make lunch.
The fact that she defaulted to one of her favorites, braided ham and cheese biscuits, was fine with me as long as she had fun and lunch was on the table before everyone went crazy with hunger.
To keep things fun, and sweet, she asked to make Minty White Hot Chocolate to go with the biscuits and fruit meal.  This was a good addition since the recipe needed to be doubled and thus challenge our fraction math lessons we are learning.

At the lunch table Abigail informed her siblings, "yes, I did make lunch for you and mom helped a little."  (haha)  Yeah for a win.  Now to see what gets made today.


Mother said...

Way to bring classroom learning into the kitchen (and dining room!). Sounds like a yummy menu. Wish I was there.

Popeye said...

And yes those cute little chicks--you are having them for dinner--Miss A cracks me up.


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