February 22, 2017

A Little Time

Josh has worked some long days this week.  This is normal for him to do in the summer, during field season, but not so much in the winter.  It has been a little hard on the kids not understanding why daddy isn't coming home when he usually does.  So the other day when daddy got home just as dinner was wrapping up and bedtime was being talked about there was a little need for a schedule change.
Daddy needed to see his kids and visa versa!  Bedtime was pushed back by a hour, coloring books covered the floor, reports on what was done and accomplished during the day were given, crayons were distributed and used and this mama's heart filled to see the kids connect with Josh at the end of a day.  Normal day to day living, that is what fills me with contentment.  

Also had a visit with the "baby doctor", as the kids call my OB, yesterday.  Baby boy is doing great.  Puts this mama's heart at ease.  

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mother said...

So, all in all, your mother's heart is beating strong and true these days. Because of this, THIS mother's heart joins yours. God is so good to each of us.

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