January 5, 2017

Welcome To The Village

When Abigail was little we found her a preschool doll house at a garage sale, she loved it.  When she got older my brother gave her a more grown up model and Naomi inherited the original.  Last year my brother gave Ethan a "boy dollhouse" in the form of a fire house.  All together it is great fun and I call the whole set up "the village."  But when not played with, the pieces start to wander all over the place.  

Therefore last spring I called a break on dollhouses and set them all aside.  Well this winter the kids have been begging for them back.  So after the Christmas tree was taken down the "village" was brought back out once again.
I can not even begin to describe how many hours these three have played around this table.  Yeah for the return of the "village".  

1 comment:

Popeye said...

Just as Hillary Clinton said,"it take a village to raise a child." Guess she was right. (:


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