January 19, 2017

These Days Remind Us We Live In The Arctic

That cold weather snap I blogged about last week wasn't just smoke in mirrors but has come to fruition.  Lucky for the kids and me all activities up until today have been cancelled and thus we have been tucked in at home.  I remember working before kids and driving in at -65 and let me tell you, no matter of cabin fever makes me wish for that.  What a good husband I have who goes day after day without complaint.  The folks here in Fairbanks call these -50 degree days flat tire days since as you drive, no matter how warm your car is, your tires are frozen with a flat spot where they had been parked.  Makes the drive very bumpy indeed!
 But here at home life has been good.  The kids are reminded of why we must wear socks (floors are so cold even with the wood stove in the basement) and stay inside.  Instead of snow forts outside we are busy building them inside.  Tuesday the kids declared that no matter the outside weather, it was summer inside, and they were  going camping.  Plastic bowls and cups from the kitchen made up the camp kitchen where a lot of cakes were made, the table was transformed to a tent and the blankets covered the ground and kept them all warm while being called the "grass" as well.
 And since -50 is too cold for kids to play outside it is hard to have a few days of not having that fresh feeling.  So the kids put on boots and gloves and I filled a bin with snow for indoor play.  A hour of snow play while staying warm.  Best part I was able to read to them and knit all the while feeling contently cozy as well.
Yesterday when the temps dropped below -50 we took boiling water out and threw it in the air to watch it freeze instantly.  It was fun for me but the kids didn't really grasp it all.  Pictures of this event were difficult to obtain since most of the tossing was done my me.  But it did get us outside for 5 minutes, was something new and helped us celebrate the small excitements of getting to experience these days.

One thing to note is that I have loved homeschooling this week.  Public schools never close due to the cold.  The buses will call it quits if the ice fog gets too thick but the school itself doesn't close at this temp and thus school is running normal this week.  Letting my kids stay in warm, cozy clothes and all learning done at home these days has been especially rewarding to us all.  Today is gymnastics class and there is still no word if it has been canceled yet or not.  We might be venturing out today but really, if we don't that will be fine with me!

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Mother said...

Staying inside all warm and dry sound perfect to me, too!! What fun ways to avoid any signs of cabin fever! A++++ to the teacher this week.
PS-(Are we allowed to PS our comments on a blog?)-I get a kick out of yet another use for the versatile flour and sugar bins. haha

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