January 9, 2017

Spy Games

So I mentioned awhile back about how the kids love to play "spies".  The rules to the games are pretty sketchy to me but number one rule is apparel:  you wear dark clothes and your shirt has to be on backwards (no logo showing).  Playing spies has become such a popular thing that this has moved beyond just the big kids and Naomi now also plays spy.  She doesn't get the dark clothes memo but by having me help her turn her shirt around she feels like part of the crowd.
When my brother found out about these games he and my sister in law were entertained.  Thus for Abigail's birthday and then again for Christmas the kids have gotten spy toys.  Special watches (that have motion activated alarms, my brother must hate me!), walkie talkies and books on spy play.  Yes, the rules are a little unclear but I do know I am often the one being spied upon and the kids all love it.

Now they just need to learn that the walkie talkies work best when they don't stand next to each other, haha.

1 comment:

Mother said...

I heard the range of those walkie talkies is 8 miles. Once the summer arrives they can spread and still spy. "tree fort to greenhouse. Come in greenhouse."

Naomi cracks me up with the pink striped shirt on backwards.


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