January 16, 2017

Mama Sat Down

Last fall when Abigail started school I found the only way I could really pull this off was to have solo, one on one time with just her.  I would find activities in another room for the other two or wait and do school when Josh was home.  This worked for a time.

As the days went by I hated more and more that I had to push two of my kids away in order to achieve our homeschool goals with one child.  I know as the kids get older and they all have work to do things will be different but for now this is where we are at.  

As this winter progresses I see more and more of school with Abigail while Naomi colors next to me and at our feet Ethan plays with legos.  Sometimes they wander off and play and more focused time comes in but as a mom I am sure being forced into the lessons of how to be patient and balance, balance, balance.
Well, the other day while Abigail was doing math I realized this would be a good time to work on making her next set of spanish flashcards.  Well, whenever mama sits down it draws a crowd.  I don't often get to take pictures during school because we are busy but this day I had the chance to set back a moment and snap a shot of what life looks like for us a lot.  Crowded, messy, busy, lots of different tasks but ultimately - together.

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