January 4, 2017

Looking Forward To Fake

The years that Josh and I have lived in this house have always seen use wandering into the woods in December and finding our christmas tree.  The top 10 feet of a 30 foot tree or a small charlie brown tree.  Either way each year has had an adventure, a memory and a story.
But oh those little Alaskan trees that come in frozen and dry out so very, very fast.
The pile of needle clean up, this year it was a little overwhelming.  I have to admit that for the first time ever I am crying defeat.  I can't promise what will happen next year but I am certainly feeling the need for a fake tree coming to our house sooner or later.  We can always make memories playing hide and seek in the woods on a different day.

1 comment:

Moth said...

One could consider a pre lit tree up there with electricity or indoor plumbing. Seriously. The beauty, ornaments and presents underneath all are just as special. And you can always burn a balsam scented candle. I vote YES!! (Refer to goal #1for 2017.)🎄😀


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