January 18, 2017

Lets Make This Work

I don't know how time has passed so quickly but it has.  I realized the other day that we gave Abigail her special place just shy of three years ago.  What a wonderful place it has been for her.  On days when she looks at me and asks for her own bedroom I remind her that mama and daddy do all they can and right now she has a special place and for that we can be thankful for.  This past fall her folding closet door broke and Josh took the time and put in a "real" door.  As of right now she still doesn't have a door knob but that is really because of our decision, she knows no better.
But still, something needed to change in her special place.  Keeping her area clean was one problem and finding the right place to play.  She has space on a small built in box that is part of the house and on top of her red dresser to play.  Both of those areas really aren't all she needs and thus the toys and play move to the floor.

I find as a mom that this house is in constant motion.  Changing a room, closet, bathroom, cabinet, file folder, bookshelf and more all the time.  Realizing something doesn't work or that it really could work better.  This issue with Abigail's space has been building for sometime but a possible answer came to me Sunday.  So this week Abigail was set with the job to empty her special place so daddy could get in and work a little magic.
When I put her special place together years ago I found the perfect little pink polka dotted chair at a garage sale.  I envisioned hours of sitting, looking through books, playing and more.  Really the chair has been used to stand on, store things on and loose things in.  Thus the chair was moved out and Josh used that space to put in a few shelves. 
The top shelf will now be used for her special collection of little critters.  She can spread them out and have room to play with them without them falling all over the floor.

The middle shelf was given a file holder which now holds her small collection of special books.  By putting these upright, instead of in a stack, there is room for her pony collection and prize toys.

The bottom area fits Anna's cradle and can be used for other storage.
Granted I put all of this back together last night, minus setting up her critters, so I know it will all change when she gets in there herself but for now I am pleased.  Right now there is more space to play, more availability to see her toys, and set things right.  

And one of the best parts, the chair got moved to next to the bookshelf in the kids' room and all of them love it and are using it all the time now.  Sometimes realizing that a small change can make it all work better is the best idea of all.

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Mother said...

Can't wait to squeeze in there and play. SOON!


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