January 13, 2017

I Can Draw Circles

Art class.  Such a fun time, and not always just for Abigail.  Josh has gotten so good and keeping all of our little artists happy.  At 2 1/2 Naomi's specialties is circles.  She loves them and in her mind they combine to form so much.  Ethan's favorite image is that of a snow machine (he draws them, paints them and even built one into his gingerbread house last month.)  Abigail, she is still in love with butterflies although a recent discovery in how to draw stars has made hearts and stars boarder most pieces of art.  
Art time, keeps us on our toes for sure.

1 comment:

Mother said...

Free art gives another way to glimpse into the minds and thoughts of our little ones. I took an art therapy class once and recall that circles in a young artist is a sign of a well adjusted child.

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