January 17, 2017

Happy Light

Right now we are in the dark days of winter.  You know a month ago was the same amount of daylight as today but January is always harder.  Darker, no christmas lights, much colder and the prospect of spring just seems far away.  But knowledge is power and with that we make these dark days work until the sun comes back.
Vitamin D supplements for everyone, exercise every day!!, as much fresh air as we can get on these -30 days, loud music for dancing and of course - every single meal is accompanied by our happy light.  A small light that puts out natural light.  The other day the kids were so excited because even though the sun doesn't come up until 10:30 am the sky was coming out of the pitch, pitch dark around 9:20am.  Each second, minute and hour matters to us in the north.  Sun and light - how we love you so.

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