January 2, 2017

Goals for 2017

As in the past, I have written out my goals for the new year on the blog.  I then have the chance to look back at them through the year and see just where I was in my year, if my goals are the same, and if I am accomplishing what I had set out to do. In this past I have always said, "I am happy to do this again."  This year I don't feel like I have many goals and wonder if it is worth keeping up this tradition.  But then I remind myself that a few goals are better then none.

Kathleen’s Goals for 2017
(In no particular order)

When I am tired life is harder.  I aim this year to try and remove as much extra from my life so that I am able to focus on what is important and have the energy to enjoy life.  

Ethan is interested in little league.  This would be his first team event.  I want to look into this and make it possible for him this summer.

Continue with homeschool and remember our reasoning for this decision and the goals we have for our children's education.

We are going to team raise chickens with a friend this year.  Work honestly with our friends and see how this new plan works.

The plan is to expand the garden.  Goal - make sure the voles don't eat our vegetables before we do.

I handle pregnancy well but am very aware that postpartum is a very hard time for me.  After our little baby is born I want to get outside into the sun, accept help when offered, rest when I can and relax in my expectations all so that this can be the best postpartum recovery yet.

There is talk of a family event occurring in September.  I would love to travel to this special occasion with the kids.  The timing, planning and all that has to go with that.  Accomplishing that would mean a lot to me.

We know that the appearance of biking, camping, hiking and all will look a little different with a baby due in the summer but we don't want to give up this positive trend we have worked into the past few years.  Maybe Josh taking the kids camping without me or just day outings are a thought.  More cabin use over a tent, hikes that work for all abilities (thus needing to carry just the baby and not Naomi too), and going to places where all the kids can bike on their own so that I am needed less to pull.  We don't know what exactly 2017 will hold for this new adaption to the family but we do aim to keep up what we love.

Continue loving the life we have all while aiming to meet my first goal of the year!  


Moth said...

Still thinking about these. More comments to come. I think there is a conflict between one and five.

Anonymous said...

Perfect- my favorite is #1

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