January 11, 2017


Most days none of my kids nap.  But some days are harder to achieve this then others for a two year old who is just growing out of them.  Since Naomi's crib has been converted into a toddler bed she has pretty easy access to getting in and out of bed herself.  It is so precious to me that on days when she will get so mad at me over something and I place her in time out to relax she will disappear...
to this.

This little girl of mine knows just what she needs to calm down and see the world a little brighter.


Grandma said...

I agree, Naomi dear! A nap makes EVERYTHING better!! Looking at this pic makesme want to climb in with her under the soft blanket.

Popeye said...

Remember what Mr. Gratto said to Kristie--What do little girls need if the whine--and she would say with a cry in her voice, "a nap."