January 10, 2017

Cooking Lessons

For her birthday Abigail got a few new cookbooks.  Cooking with Abigail is nothing new but new recipes always bring excitement.
 And so to go with her school work, she and I have set out to cook something together once a week.  A fun project as her reading and math skills are getting better all the time.
But at the rate we are going this girl is only interested in cooking desserts.  Going to have to make a rule about that one!  Maybe a main dish can come in every few weeks at least.


Popeye said...

A real "eat dessert first" girl.

Mother said...

Gigi and I had a big math problem over Christmas when we were increasing the ingredients 1 1/2 times . Pencils and paper were flying as well as the eggs and vanilla!! Good, practical use of math skills.

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