January 6, 2017

Changes Are Afoot

Last week this is what our bathroom looked like.  Well, it did have a shower curtain hiding the tub and mirror over the sink just before this image.  I wasn't fast enough in taking our before picture.
 But that was all about to change.
 This week has found Josh and I burning the night oil getting things spruced up.  The bottom line is home repairs done mostly when the kids are in bed take longer then starting right when one gets home from work.  But the work does get done!
 And while the work in the bathroom was done this is what the school room across the all looked like.  All with the toilet sitting in pieces in the hall.  So this past week we haven't had a bathroom to use on the main floor or a school room.
But progress, that is happening.  Yeah.  The bathroom should be done tonight, Abigail's special place door has been replaced and the trim finally painted and touched up and, to add to the fun, we are switching our house to mostly LED lights this week too.  Lets just say washing all of the light fixture covers and sconces has reminded me that this project should never wait for spring cleaning.  That is when our sun is returning.  This winter, these long dark days, yes that is when I need fresh, clean and bright lights in every room!!

Long tiring days are here when projects are before us but good chances are happening.  That makes it worth it all.

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