January 31, 2017

A Mid-Winter Visit

Last week was a fun and busy one for this little household.  My mother (Texas) and sister and niece (New Jersey) all came for a visit.  They braved the cold, the dark, the snow and more to venture north in January.  Not for the weather of course but for us.  
Family, that wonderful and special bond that means you put up with just about anything to be together.  With this baby boy on his way I am not traveling with the kids this winter and it was super special for my family to say, "that is ok, we will just come to you."  Their visit didn't provide the southern sunshine like we are used to but their week with us was certainly a bright spot in our winter darkness this year!

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Mother said...

And it was a SUPER week. Between the huge North Slope coat, bunny boots, hand knit scarves and hats (thank you, Kathleen), and wood stove at full blast day and night (thank you, Josh), we did just fine with the cold. Those 10:15 am sunrises were a joy to behold, as well, and the happy light helped before that time. The real source of brightness and warmth was in our being together in love.


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