January 20, 2017

A Fresh Look

Something about these post-Christmas, dark and cold winter days that brings out the itch in me to have some change.  We have changed our bathroom, Abigail's special place, reorganized my laundry room, added to our school room and so much more.  Drawers are being cleaned out, closets sorted, kids clothes switched up and more.
The other day it was time to switch out the pictures on our wall.  I love decorating our house with pictures of our life.  Usually I will add and change an 8x10 a couple times a year but this past year's pics were good and we have been busy.  How fun to print a few images and change up the looks on our walls.  Spring in Alaska is full of planting, outdoor chores, return of sunlight.  I am sure there will be spring cleaning in there too.  But spring isn't the time for indoor change, or summer or fall.  Those are busy outdoor seasons.  This wintertime.  Yeah.  Life inside these walls adapts to some shifts and changes and makes us all enjoy the long months ahead until outdoor life calls our names again.

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