December 27, 2016


I didn't feel very good a few days last week and as a result I missed the chance to blog about a few before Christmas happenings.
 One that is always fun to remember, cookie decorating.  This year I wised up and knew that organizing the decorating without Josh for three would require a little more forethought(last year all Naomi did was lick a spoon.  1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years old is a big difference, especially in Christmas participation.)
 So this time I made the dough beforehand, rolled it out and cut the cookies solo, then called the kids to the counter when they each had a tray to decorate.  We decorate before baking and thus don't need frosting.  Still a mama balancing it all I turned my back on Naomi for a second and this little girl ate pieces from about 5 of the raw cookies off her sheet.  Yeah for cookie dough!!!
But besides the laugh that brought the rest of the event went smoothly.  Abigail my artist was in heaven making special designs, Ethan mostly at the toppings and Naomi covered her cookies until you could barely see the tops.  They were all so proud.  

The big problem is once the cookies are made they are hard to keep around.  Last week we made a second batch to ensure that there would be enough for santa.  My kids didn't mind at all the "chore" of decorating once again.  The second batch I dyed green.  Perfect for trees but a little funny for candy canes.  The kids are already talking about when we make cut outs for valentine's day.  Oh the fun of childhood joys.

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mother said...

Smart Mama. Ever since you all left home, I simply cannot bring myself to make cutout cookies. all alone. The final result is nothing without the chatter, the designs, the struggle over dough sticking to the rolling pin. I save this task for when the grandkids are here and the fun and memories continue.

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