December 2, 2016

Starting Advent

Yesterday I hung up two wreathes.  Not yet to the big birthday, but I figured if I slip in a few things here or there and it will be ok.  You see the weather has been super cold here.  Our house does great staying warm but when it drops below -20 F day after day, like this week, the house developed a chill.  Thus, I unpacked the living room curtains.  It is such a love/hate thing because I like the house warmer but boy to I miss the extra bit of light, even if it is only for a few hours, a day.  Makes the room feel so much darker and I certainly now looking forward to adding christmas lights to our rooms.
 But regardless of what decorating we have up we did unpack a few advent materials.
 We are reading through Ann Voskamp's Unwrapping The Greatest Gift advent book.  Grammie Klynstra sent up a chocolate calendar to share and Aunt Hillary sent the kids advent coloring books.
December is here, advent has begun and so far we are loving it all.

Plus today we celebrate Naomi's 1/2 birthday.  No longer just a 2 year in the house.  Now she will present herself to everyone she meets as a 2 1/2 year old.  A big step in growing up.

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mother said...

As I read this post this morning, I want to go back 30 years or more. I want the homeliness of candles in the windows, the excitement of opening a window on an advent calendar, the heightened level of joy from little ones in the house. These are precious years, Kathleen, and I know you appreciate them.

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