December 14, 2016

Remembering How We Started

Last May, Josh and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  At the time life was busy and we stopped one day, looked at each other and said, "We really need to do something special this year.  10 years is a big deal and we need to celebrate that, sometime."  So then and there we decided that sometime during this year, we would do something special.
 The two biggest obstacles we faced were the kids and finding the right time.  The right time for Josh to get off work and for someone to come watch our crew.  My in-laws heard of our plan and stepped up to say that they could come watch the kids for us when we went away.  The second weekend in December worked for jobs, jury duty, and my mother-law's teaching aerobics schedule.  There we go, kids and time were chosen.  Now we needed to just pick a destination.  A place not too far (we only had a long weekend) but with fun things to do.  A place warmer and brighter then dark Fairbanks in December and a time we had never been to before, together.
 Putting all of those components together in our think brains and we came up with San Francisco.  A city that we could fly down to in 8 hours, or 12 with delays but hey we weren't in a hurry.  A city that did not require a car rental, had a lot to see, Josh had never been there and my one visit was for a conference - not play.  
Yesterday we got home.  I have a lot of pictures to download and process.  Today was full of cleaning, story hour, helping the kids, laundry, getting the meals on the table and putting life back into order with dr. appointments, christmas cookie dough, scheduling visits for the kids with the friends and more.  But the past four days, why that was a different story.  For the past four days I was just a wife, in a big and fun city, with my best friend.  We laughed, stayed up late, did so much, ate out and didn't cook a single meal.  We were spontaneous and relaxed.  

We love our life but to step away for a few days and remembering who we were before kids, jobs, and this little homestead we are building was so good for both of us.  How thankful I am for that time!

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