December 1, 2016

Memories To Hold Onto As Life Goes On

Well, it has now been a week since we left for the cabin.  Life is busy and back into full swing of friends, homeschool, work, and birthday preparations.  But even still, at the end of the day I pause and look at the pictures from our trip and the memories they bring back from our 48 hours of get away.
Our family walks
Seeing my kids laugh and giggle
Watch the kids crush up old and stale pilot bread for the animals just to turn around and grab a piece to eat as we continue on our adventures.
Seeing my little girl, who thinks she is a big girl and won't nap anymore, give up the fight and go for a 45 minute walk nap in the sled.  Don't worry, after we realized she was sound asleep we took a pic and then covered her up well.  She had a nice ride.
We were so relaxed.  Time to color, time to sing, time to laugh, time to go outside and look at all the different kind of animal tracks we could find.  Time to just be!
 Visiting a cabin with no electricity in the winter in Alaska means a lot of time in the dark and a lot of time to play with glow lights and glow sticks.  The favorite activity of the whole trip!!
Most importantly time to just be together.  I remarked to Josh last night that since our trip the kids have played, learned, worked and interacted better then they have for two months.  This trip was just what we needed to have a little bit of a reset.  Christmas season is upon us and with it a lot of fun but in the back of my mind is the reminder that we have just three months until our next visit to another State of Alaska Public use cabin.  Yeah for that!

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Mo said...

Lots of smiles in this blog. Good pictures. Even glow sticks. That last one is a super Christmas card pic. Glad the experience was so good. 🤗

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