December 23, 2016

Klynstra Christmas Pageant

The other day I was working upstairs on cleaning, cooking, and such when I got a call from the kids in the basement.  Mama, it is time for the show, the Christmas Pageant show.  With no help from me, but a lot of direction from Abigail, the kids had put together quite the operation.
 Downstairs I was greeted first by a wise women.  She was all dressed for her part and even was carrying her gift, a purple cup to give to the baby Jesus.
 Here are her fellow wisemen.  They were dressed up very well for their big presentation to the baby king.
 And of course we can't forget baby Jesus himself.
 After a lot of fussing Abigail decided that Naomi would be better as Joseph instead of as a fourth wisemen.  So quick outfit change for her.  Ethan meanwhile was given the role of the donkey.  His main part was to run around and bleat out goat noises.  Regardless of his important role he quickly tired of this and started causing destruction which caused him to be sent away to cool off.  Abigail gave herself the role of Mary.
I add this last picture of the wisemen because I love the gifts that they each have to give.  The doll in the blue dress has a baby bottle, the stuffed bunny has a my little pony and doll in the pink dress and hat is presenting a hair brush.  Very thought out gifts indeed.

In the end there was a lot of preparations in the costumes without a lot of thought put into the actual script but I told the story while my Mary and Joseph stood and smiled at me.  The whole thing left me smiling, laughing and enjoying the joy this season brings.

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mother said...

I can't even express how I loved this blog--the preparations, imaginations, designs and creativity this event shows is terrific. No script--that's OK. It is a tableau. Like the latest craze in "freezing" that's called mannequin or something. The (very old) clown costume on Naomi s Joseph is the icing on the cake! Abigail glowing sweetly is exactly how little girls play the coveted part of Mary all over the world. Thanks for sharing.

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