December 9, 2016

It is Beginning To Look - Oh Wait, Not Yet

Last Sunday we went out and found our tree.  Certainly an Alaskan tree at 10 feet tall but a trunk only 1 1/2" wide.  It was before Abigail's birthday but we figured it was our best bet at getting one in the daylight.  Darkness is so intense this time of year.  For Monday we covered the tree in birthday balloons.  Perfect, right.  Monday balloons and then Tuesday lights.  But then life happened.
The kids keep seeing Christmas lights on all of the houses in town and ask why we don't have ours up.  It will come, it will come.  I keep reminding them that in Little house on the prairie they put their tree up on just Christmas Eve.  Going with that time scale I still have two week to get my act together, right??

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