December 5, 2016

Happy Birthday To Our 6 Year Old

Today we celebrate Abigail Kathleen.
 Oh, how this day has been anticipated by this girl.  When Naomi has her birthday in June we start the month to month count, then after Ethan's birthday in September she starts the day to day count down.
 And each time she says, "I only have Blank days until I turn six." My heart ached a little.  I get down on my knees, point her little face to mine and say, "Please, enjoy today, enjoy 5, enjoy what can be discovered now."
But as much as I beg her to slow down she just can't.  Life goes on and somehow the little baby I welcomed to the world at 12:35 am on December 5th when the temperature was -35 degrees and the northern lights were dancing, is now 6 years old.
 Abigail, I love watching you grow.  You are such an achiever and a go getter.  Ice skating - this year found you without a help of anything to stay upright.  Biking - this year you lost your training wheels. Swimming - your water wings have so little air in them they just fall off your arms.  You might be small but you are strong and pretty fearless!
 You are a worker.  The fun jobs are definitely your favorite (of course), and you will do your chores if asked but you are best at the "helpful" kind of chores.  You see, having to empty the dishwasher is a pain to you but if I need to hoe the garden, you are there.  Whenever you see a job where you can work with mama or daddy and you will be "grown-up" doing it you work until the job is done!
 You love nature.  This year has found you building homes for all the bugs you bring home so that they can be relocated to the yard, digging up mushrooms, having expanded rock collections, building homes for the wild bunnies in the brush.  The only wild animal you don't like at the moment are moose.  Your complaint, they just poop too much and it covers our yard.
 You LOVE to help to cook.  Where Ethan likes to help just for the act of cooking, you love to hep to eat.  You might not eat a ton at the table but when cooking you love to pop every single ingredients into your mouth.  This has caused some issues since somethings, lemon juice for example, doesn't always taste good solo before going into dinner.  Cooking with three is a trial but when I get to cook with just you we have so much fun.  You are such a helper and are sure you can do all things in the kitchen.
 Abigail, at age six your hair is starting to turn brownish in the winter darkness but I know it will lighten once again next summer.  You are just an inch taller then your brother but weight about 5 pounds less.  You wear size 5T but we are finding more and more the length of the arms and legs are getting short.  Soon we will be moving you into size 6 clothes.  You have lost one bottom tooth and have two more loose ones.  You still share a room with your brother and sister and sleep 11-12 hours at night with no naps.  
 You LOVE to plan things.  Plan the play for that day, plan the meal calendar with mama, plan just how we could rearrange the house so you could get your own bedroom, plan what projects need worked on and more.  Remember last summer when you planned the huge tea party?  Crown making, outfits, food, dishes and location were all written down and made just so.
And even though you can be shy in public at this house you are the queen bee when it comes to your siblings.  You know how things should go and being the oldest they both look up to you so much.  We try to balance playing with them instead of just bossing them but what a fine line it is for you.  As for Ethan and Naomi, they would rather be with you then anyone else!
 And just as you love to play with Ethan and Naomi you love your time to just be as well.  You will often come to me, pull on my arm and then whisper in my ear, "mama, we need some time, just you and me."  Date time with mama is one of your favorite things ever.  And we do have such good times together.
 You might be a small 6 year old but you are pretty fearless.  Climbing rock faces of the mountains (while the rest of the family takes the trail), climbing trees, being the first to the top of a climbing wall and running the fastest ahead are all things that you take great pride in and give your mama a lot of grey hairs.  Being there to cheer you on and not hold you back is a big job for me.
 Just like your dad, you LOVE to pick berries.  Alaska is a great place to be for this.  Just like being a hard worker as I mentioned earlier.  You get set on a task of making a pie, jam, setting blueberries aside for smoothies or anything and the goal of filling that bucket becomes intense.  Ethan, he loves to just eat his labors, you like to see results!
 This year we started on the crazy adventure of homeschool together.  As my first born you are there for all my faults as we stumble through this journey of parenting but how forgiving you are of me.  You don't love having to stop playing to work but you LOVE learning.  One of the joys of homeschool is we also get to pick our own holidays.  How fun that we get to say no school on birthdays!!
 Of all that we have learned this year your favorite is writing.  You can't get enough.  You write whatever you can think of.  You carry around a pen and pad of paper all day.  Letters, stories, notes, events, new words you hear.  They all must be recorded.
You know the saddest thing to me is to see you sad.  There are times as you get older that you get angry, contemplative, annoyed that things don't go your way and the sadness over you breaks me down.  I watch that and I see a little bit of childhood slip away.  How I wish to bundle you up, grab your smile, package your laugh, wrap up your bravery and seal in your dreams.  Becoming six is so big.  You have stepped away from preschool years.   You look outside of your family to see what the world thinks of things.  You stand out instead of imitate and dream big dreams.  I love everyday with you.  I love seeing your crazy outfits you pick in the morning, am humbled by how you obey and try to do things right, am encouraged by the joy in your face when I remind you how "known" you are, and lay awake at night praying God will grant me the wisdom, patience and joy of being your mother for just one more day!

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Mother said...

Abigail, You are so darling! We have loved watching you grow and become a most amazing little girl. We thank God every day for you.

Happy Birthday!!

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