December 16, 2016

Christmas Is All Around

When I scheduled our trip last June, December sounded like a fine time to be gone.  The week before we left, not so much.  We had just wrapped up Abigail's birthday, needed to decorate for Christmas, there were parties, friends, concerts and more going on.  Why did I think mid-December was a good time to be gone?
But you know what, it was a lot of fun to be in a big city during the holidays.  There were decorations everywhere!!  Macy's windows were covered in wreathes and displays.  The big bay bridges were covered in lights and the city hummed with visitors, shoppers, and their annual Santa clause convention while we were there.  Nothing like seeing thousands of santa look a likes while visit a new city.
 The lights in particular were so much fun.  The buildings were covered, the trees and bridges were sparkling.  Staying out late wasn't hard when everything was bright and christmas must came from every corner.  Even the cable car drivers rang their bells at intersections to christmas carols.  
To be in warm weather and witness to beautiful lights everywhere certainly helped to bring a peaceful feeling of Christmas.  Nothing like getting to enjoy all the decoration without being in charge of the work to make it that way, being able to gaze at all of the pretty displays but not having the need to shop in any of the fancy stores and singing along to the Christmas carols without worrying who might care - because after 10 years your husband just laughs at the joy on your face as you sing.  Yes, time at home was busy and it might have been a silly time to leave but not at all a silly time to relax.  The next week of christmas ahead of us looks much more shiny and bright to this rested mama for sure.

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