December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve

Ahh, Christmas Eve.  The best day of the year in terms of anticipation and magical wonder.
 I love this picture of Ethan, admiring the tree.  Each ornament holds a story and all month the kids liked to hear about each one.
 And after playing all day and watching mama cook and cook and cook we bath, dress up after the sun has gone down and then enjoy a big dinner together.  Soon we bundle up and head to church to celebrate with our Fairbanks family.  
 Coming home to Christmas pjs and writing letters to santa.
 We are in our second year of our family tradition of ending Christmas eve by toasting to Christmas with homemade egg nog.  So rich and creamy it fills those excited bellies and helps them sleep the whole night through.
The house, and the kids, were ready for Santa to arrive.  Oh yes, Christmas Eve is a magical night for sure.

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mother said...

I agree. My favorite day of the whole year is Christmas Eve--full of preparation and anticipation. Late at night, after all were in bed and Santa had not yet arrived, I would pause and sit alone near the lit tree, soft carols playing on the stereo. The gifts were neatly stacked, the old house still, and I could breathe slowly and deeply. Before heading to bed, I'd step out the back door into the bitter night, often with light snow falling. When the moon was full, the bare branches of the oak tree would create sharp shadows on the whiteness of the snowy ground. The colored tree lights would shine out the window and cast muted colors onto the yard and shrubs nearby. I'd think of Mary and her newborn, my own dear ones (and hope they would be pleased with the chosen gifts waiting for morning), and the hustle and bustle to come in a few short hours. A most magical time. A time of thanksgiving for this tired mother.


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