December 29, 2016

Celebrating Christmas

Early Christmas morning when the kids wake up I hurry downstairs to see if Santa has arrived.  I start a fire, plug in the trees, and pop the cinnamon rolls into the oven to bake.
 I always love the chance to look around quickly one more time at the magic of it all.
 But it has to be quick since waiting on the stairs is the crew.  Oh, how they are waiting.  So excited.
 Gifts from Santa, grandparents, and family were soon to be discovered.
But the best part is that the new treasures were enjoyed along the way.  I love this quick picture of Abigail.  After opening her stocking and learning that she had new pens and a new notepad she just had to stop and write a thank you note to Santa.  That was kind of the rhythm of the day.  My favorite part was that after Abigail opened bubble bath we all stopped so she could go take a bath!
I am happy for these few pictures because they were all I got.  Something about the flow of the day didn't really call for being behind a camera but instead being right there with the people I loved.


mother said...

How cute Abigail's hair is fixed. You all looked ratty with bed hair. Our pictures were NEVER this nice. The stairs picture reminded me of how your siblings would bully you--the youngest--to creep down the stairs and peek at the stockings hung on the bannister to prove whether or not Santa had come yet. I never knew this was happening until years later. haha
The thank you note and bath are stories to pass on for many, many years to come.

Jonathan Davis said...

It wasn't bullying. She was just the youngest and it was her job in the birth order :)


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