December 15, 2016

Being The Tourist

It was very fun to be the tourist for a few days in a city where we knew no one.  Our trip to San Francisco was one where no expectations were set except to relax.
 And while we were not rushed in what we did, we certainly didn't sit around and do nothing.  Josh's favorite day of our trip was the day we visited two of San Francisco's famous art museums.  An art lover his whole life Josh had seen most art in books.  It was so fun for me to watch him as he walked the halls of the museum studying piece after piece.  Then when he came to two original works of art from his favorite artist, Salvador Dali, well he was pretty much in heaven.
 We both loved the cable cars.  Before our trip I had purchased a CityPass for both of us.  It was entrance into a bunch of famous attractions but also included all of the use of public transportation we desired besides the subway.  It was so fun for us to have no worries about hopping on and off the cable cars at whim.  Daytime and nighttime we rode the cars looking at apartments, seeing the city lights and gazing at all of the christmas trees in people's apartments.  The buses were fine and got us where we needed to go but the cable cars, riding outside with the wind in our faces, that was the best.
 The passes we bought can be used for 7 days.  We were in the city for 3.  So we kept busy.  After the day of two art museums we headed to the pier for a boat tour around the bay.  The history of the golden gate bridge, the city, alcatraz, Angel island and more filled our morning.
 Then in the afternoon we wandered through the Bay area's aquarium where we saw so much.  Since having kids when we visit these types of attractions the intent is to help the child learn.  I love to teach my kids but it was certainly fun to go and experience for my experience alone.  We dodged a lot of school field trips for sure!
People gazing, architect admiring, new to us history learning and memory making all while relaxing, that is what our weekend was full of. 


Popeye said...

Sure love the smiles.

mother said...

You sure had fun and made the most of every moment! Dad and I run the other way--and FAST-- when we would see a bus full of kids arrive at a place we were visiting. Haha.


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