December 22, 2016

All Because Of Him

 This week people often reflect on Christmas but at this house there is so much more.  Oh, we have our tree up, presents tucked aside, Caroling services, nativity pageants and more going on but today, today is special just be itself.  Yesterday everyone in Fairbanks cheered as we watched the coming and the going of the shortest day of the year.  So to a lot of our neighbors today is celebrated because today we start to gain back daylight.  But in our house, today we celebrate Josh.  
There are a lot of very loved men in this world but I do believe not very many of them would able to measure up to the amount that this man means to all of us in our home.  To Josh his birthday is something that could slide by but the kids and I kind of throw a fuss over that idea.  You see when a dad and husband are so loved it is hard to do anything but celebrate them on their special day in our own down to earth way.
So Happy Birthday to Josh today!  You will be showered with gifts picked out by giggling kids, hand made cards, lots of hugs and tickles and maybe you will be as lucky as to score a game of hide and seek in the dark.  May the shouts of joy as your car comes home from work always remind you of how very loved you are, every day of the year!


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mother said...

Happy birthday, Josh! We know it was a good celebration and pray it is the start to a wonderful year!!

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