December 30, 2016

A Year In Review - 2016

I am a goal setter, just something I have always done and will continue to do each year.  Not so much resolutions but things that I want to work each day to accept, change, improve, achieve and aim for throughout the year.  Looking back on those goals and evaluation how I did is part of goal setting.  Here is how 2016 went.

Kathleen’s Goals for 2016
(In no particular order)
Raise my own hive of bees.  Super nervous/scared about this but want to give it a try.
In the end my neighbor still helped me a lot in the process and where I really wanted to go at it solo it was nice to have help.  Especially when my queen failed at her job and we had to get another as soon as possible, which still takes a long time for Alaska.

Start homeschool kindergarden for Abigail in the fall.
What a journey this has been so far, one I am so thankful we are on.  Oh, there are certainly days but the joy it is to work with her, see her learn, watch our family grow together from this time together, and see myself change from August until now in how I teach - All good things.
Where I am stronger going into 2016 then I was in 2015 I am not necessarily healthier.  I would like to work on this and run the Midnight Sun Run during summer solstice this year.
This year was a good year for me to own a treadmill.  Things went beautifully for the first 9 months of the year.  Distance and speed increasing as needed.  I haven't been sure how to answer this goal but since most know already...we are expecting our number 4 come June.  So in September I got super sick and came out of that time pregnant and so tired.  Since then the running hasn't been as consistent.  There are still walks to the mailbox and busyness to parenting but as I advance into my second trimester I do hope some of my energy can return, without the aid of coffee that is.

Pay off our truck and start saving for our next big financial dreams.
We did this!!!  Last January we sent in our final truck payment and it felt so good.  We then picked up with house projects that had been on the sidelines, just as the murphy bed and boiler room fixes.  Then with the news of our growing family, and our aging Jeep, we purchased a mini van in November.  Love that we accomplished this goal for 2016 but it does look like we have a new goal in front of us for 2017.

Get out and camp/bike/hike as a family in new places this summer.
I am so happy this is a yes.  Camping here in town, enjoying evening dinners and campfires locally with friends, Tangle lakes and even going back to Denali.  These were such fun and memorable trips.
Go spend time in Alaska's public use cabins.
All of us are so happy we have discovered the use and joy of Alaska's public use cabins.  Not in the market to own a cabin or RV right now, these cabins help us to get out an enjoy our great state especially not in the summer.  Lower Angel Creek Cabin last March and then Fielding Lake this November were both such fun trips.  Not a public use cabin but a rented one is Tolovana as well.  Josh and his dad got the chance to go back out to that cabin and the hot springs earlier this month.  Such a fun place to visit.
Meet my new niece and support my sister as she enters motherhood in whatever why she needs.
It is amazing to me that my niece is already 10 months old.  What a wonderfully happy little girl she is.  I will always be thankful for that week I was able to spend with her, and my sister, last March.  A week where my crew stayed home and I was just the sister and aunt I needed to be.
Josh would like to get involved in a local Folk School here in Fairbanks.  I would like to support him in this even if it takes him away from home more.
Last spring Josh worked the entire semester at the Folk School.  He went every Thursday evening for a couple hours and worked as an assistant teacher to a young woodworking class.  This isn't something Josh has continued to pursue this fall but is a job he enjoyed.  We are happy he had the chance to get to know the folks who work at the school and was learned how their program works.

Potty train Naomi.  No diapers - what a thought.
Almost a year ago in early January I developed a cold which made it hard to sleep congested.  Due to that cold I weaned Naomi of her last morning nursings and that was that.  Two weeks later, mid-January, we realized that now that she was all grown up potty training was next.  I am happy to say that it has been almost a year since we have had diapers in this house.  More will come in June but I will take another 6 months without!

My best friend who now lives in North Carolina is moving back to Alaska.  Granted she is moving 750 miles away, but we are so excited to be in the same state again.  This year I want to be intentional about connecting with her, as much as possible.  750 miles (on road and ferry - she is moving to an island) is far but a lot closer then North Carolina.
Our July trip to Kodiak, Alaska was certainly wonderful, challenging, memorable and worth it.  From the ferry ride with the kids, watching our kids play together and enjoying day adventures.  We loved that trip even when all my kids, plus myself, getting hand, foot and mouth disease (terrible).  It certainly was a trip!  But the good always out ways in the bad when it comes to connecting with someone you love.
Ethan can write his name but ABC's need some work.  Be intentional about preschool / sit down work with him.
I love this goal that was written 12 months ago simply for the reason to remind me of how far I have grown.  My views on preschool change more and more the longer I parent, the more I watch my children and the way things roll at our house.  The more I am with these kids the more I fall in love with the way they play.  Oh, Ethan knows his letters, numbers, basic math, cutting, drawing, stories, some history and of course geology (he is the first to point out a nice looking outcrop whenever we go out for road trips).  But the more I get into this homeschooling world the more I remind myself that this little man of mine has a year and a half before he starts kindergarten (and no, just because I am homeschooling I am not going to slip by the rule of being 5 on Sep. 1st.  instead I am going to give this boy all the time he needs and thus give him another year of play.)  The real world will come soon.  Today I will read to him, build legos with him, watch him paint snow machines and hear his stories of how he is going to build a blue car someday that will be as big as Alaska!  Yes, sit down work is good and we get there but as we grow I am reminded of how important what we are doing today is.
Last summer Josh and I wrote out family goals.  The top of the list was to be intentional and dynamic with the kids, our marriage, our faith and our lives.  We found this is very wonderful and tiring at the same time.  But regardless we want to hold fast to this as the umbrella goal going into 2016 in all we do.
Sometimes Josh and I look at each other and say...if, if, if.  Then I try and stop us and remind us that instead of if we could travel, if we could explore, if we had time off, if, if, if lets look at this.  This chance to ice skate, hike, camp, explore, invent, create, grow, observe and love.  At the end of 2016 I feel like I can say, yes we did.  Within our means, within our limits, within our skills, abilities and desires we lived this year fully.  I am thankful for each day God has granted us for this!


Popeye said...

Great goals and greater accomplishments--hope 2017 is as productive.

mother said...

👏 good job. I especially like the last picture. I think you could enter that in your electric company contest.

mother said...

👏 good job. I especially like the last picture. I think you could enter that in your electric company contest.

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