December 6, 2016

6 Is Good

Yesterday was such a good day.  No matter how simple one can make birthdays, the anticipation sometimes takes away the fun because little bodies just can't take it all in.  But six, it was good.  A good balance of being young enough to find joy all day long but old enough to not be completely worn out by it.  Our newly six year old had a wonderful day!
 This year Abigail really wanted a butterfly birthday, or maybe a bunny birthday or wait - a dora birthday, could we do a mermaid birthday???  This is what I have heard for the past 6 months.  After letting her pull lead decision on her 1/2 birthday and then finding her disappointed,... I decided to tell her I would surprise her this season.  Out of her top picks we went with the butterfly theme.  This was her cake this year.  My first time with fondant for the butterflies but a revisit to our favorite buttercream frosting recipe.  It still takes me hours to decorate a cake but the adventure is always fun.
 Abigail woke up to being sung a song, a candle to blow out, no chores, no school and the question what do you want today?  Her top two choices:  1.  I want to learn to knit and 2. I want to learn to light a candle.  So on this morning she knit a row, and measured that to be exactly 5" and was so proud.  She also stood at the sink with a box of matches and learned to strike one on the box.  Knitting was hard but how proud she was.  The match - plain old scary and she walked away saying maybe another day.  Ethan, well lets just say this boy is ready to be 6 when he can learn to light a match and knit a row.  Watching Abigail learn something new was fascinating to both him and Naomi!
And how else did my girl spend the morning of freedom?  Well, like most mornings to be honest.  Nursing all of her babies back to good health.  Dr. kit, most used toy in our house, sign of the future and to me, something I never get sick of seeing her enjoy.

Our afternoon we packed up, headed to town to meet Josh and all enjoyed going to the movies as a family for the first time.  We went to see Moana.  Not a movie for everyone but one that this family loved!!  My kids don't know the theater so watching their faces and hearing Naomi shout "I like this movie, I don't like this movie." through the trailers cracked me up.  The actual movie itself was a great time for Josh and I to cuddle our babies and laugh and smile at the joy it was for them to be there.  

(One memory to remember.  When I told the kids in the morning we were going to go to the movies I showed them the trailer online to get them excited.  After the 2 minute trailer I asked what they though and if they wanted to go.  Abigail turned to me with a puzzled look on her face and said, "Looks good but isn't that movie kind of short to go to town for?"  Explaining that the actual movie was more then two minutes long and she had watched just a preview made me laugh so hard!)
We came home to a special requested dinner, presents, skyping with grandparents, and cake.
Abigail went up to get ready for bed, had her height measured, we talked about how much she has grown, we read her stories and then we tucked her in.  She looked at me with a long face and said, "Tomorrow, no more birthday."  I confirmed that yes, it would be a whole 365 days until we celebrated her day again but instead of being sad we could be excited about 365 days of being six and all that fun that will be!  Yes, 6 is good!


Popeye said...

Most wonderful butterfly cake ever.

Mother said...

Ahhhh-the sweetness of turning 6. All was just wonderful in her eyes. And the other 2 little pair of eyes that watched their big sister so intently. We were so happy to join you via Skype.

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