December 8, 2016

2 1/2

Last Friday wasn't just any old day at our house.  It was Naomi's 1/2 birthday.  We keep 1/2 birthdays pretty simple but there is the recognition, ability to choose dinner, no chores to do and a special dessert with of course a lot of singing happy 1/2 birthday to you all day long.
Naomi is a typical 2 year old these days and likes to express herself by turning down food at the table, suddenly not knowing how to put on her own bib, finding the act of washing her hands temper tantrum material and such.  But when she was asked what she wanted for dinner she didn't have trouble making the decision to have grapes on the top of her list.  So last Friday this family ate grapes and tacos.  A favorite for all.
For her special dessert I made brownie cupcakes, cut them in half and added a layer of ice cream before putting them all outside at -20 to freeze together once again.  The brownie ice cream sandwiches were a hit to all, except maybe our resident 2 year old.  But even though she only wanted to lick out the ice cream she did love being sung too.  2 year olds often don't know what they want but attention is certainly the top of their yes list!

This little 1/2 birthday led to a lot of confusion on Monday when we suddenly celebrated Abigail instead of Naomi but understanding will come.  Regardless of why, it is always fun to be celebrated.  1/2 birthdays are the perfect occasion to remind our kids that they are special to us all the time.

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