November 28, 2016

Time In The Mountains

Last Thursday was a little different for this family.  Instead of getting up in the morning to cook a turkey we loaded up the truck and headed out of town.
 We brought lots of firewood, blankets, sleeping bags, winter gear and activities.
 We were heading to the mountains.
 A place with no internet, cell service, daily chores, cooking and school work.
 There are state of Alaska public use cabins all over the state and we were so excited to introduce a new one to the kids.  Super small, dark and rustic but perfect for a few days to grow closer as a family.
A cabin in the mountains, amazing stars, and northern lights that danced all around us each night.  Not a turkey dinner but for us, the perfect way to spend our thanksgiving holiday!

1 comment:

mother said...

Really does sound heavenly. I would have liked to be above the tree line to view the myriad of stars and the northern lights. What a show! And the coziness forces you all to be together. Sharp contrast to big houses with many separate places to isolate oneself in. Good choice for celebrating this holiday.

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