November 17, 2016

Special For You, Special For Me

Last Saturday Ethan and I had a special date day.  There was a movie, perfect for a little boy, showing and I had bought tickets two months before as a treat for Ethan.  We headed out first thing in the morning to enjoy a breakfast out together and then our mickey mouse race car movie.  He had a great time.  I had a great time.

The girls at home, why they had a good time too.  It is hard for Abigail to have over a special friend when Ethan is home since he loves her friends too and always wants to play.  With this in mind I call my friend and planned to have her daughter, and Abigail's friend, come for a visit while Ethan and I were gone.  Once setting that up I let Josh know that they would love to just play together but it might be good to have a few activities planned to help the morning move along as well.
 So while Ethan and I were out the girls, with daddy, baked cupcakes.
 And then art teacher daddy taught and art lesson to two instead of the usual one.  The girls learned how to use chalk pastes and to draw a bunny.  The backgrounds and extra trees, flowers, birds, butterflies and landscapes were their own ideas and unique to both of them.
And even though this little miss didn't have a special friend just for her along she had a good morning being one of the big girls and daddy's special helper.

Most Saturdays are work days and family days.  This past one was a little different as we seemed split up and going in opposite directions but the extra attention each child was given made it all worth it and one that was special for all.

Plus Ethan and I made it home in time to help decorate the cupcakes.  A fun morning always ends well with a cupcake.

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